Monday, 21 May 2007

Horror Of 59 - Screams From The Cellar

Horror Of 59
Screams From The Cellar

The first thing that hit me about this album was the power of the guitars, more than once i mistook a punk riff for a heavy metal one.
First track 'Blood Zombie' instantly lets the listener know what they are in for. Zombies, Graveyards and morgues are aplenty on this album. Next we have 'Graveyard Beyond The Woods', this song shows off frontman, Bob Noxious's vocal range and style. His sound very much reminds me of the old crooning style.
The album continues its morbid theme with tracks like 'Black Hearse Cadillac', 'Frankenstein Returns' and 'Casket Road', this is followed by 'Demented', which i think is a homage to the misfits as i can really see this as one of their songs.
Toward the end of the album we have 'Human Remains From Outer Space', not my favourite song on the album but very much a belting horrorpunk tune, then we get to my favourite song on the album 'Deadend Avenue' , a sing-a-long anthem for every horrorpunk who has found a place within this close community of music lovers!!
More awesome songs follow with 'Creatures From The Morgue' and 'Moonville Spooks', once again proving that these guys can write fast, brutal but also melodic catchy horrorpunk songs.
Second to last track and we get to 'Lugosi's Grave', the longest track on the album and one of the harder, more harsh tracks, im personally not keen on this one but its still well written and produced.
And we end with 'Helltown', another rocking punk rock song with the Noxious trademark croon. Thus ends another contender for a horrorpunk must-have album.
Think Nim Vind fronting early misfits and thats as close as you can get

Scare Street

Friday, 18 May 2007

Scare Waves Episode 1 is ALIVE!!!!!

At god damn last, through all the hardship i have at last got episode one out!!!!!

listen here:

Download here:

hopefully these links will work

and give m all your FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The Ruined - Hear Lies...

Are you ready to be RUINED???
i certainly wasent. After trawling through the internet and magazines looking for the best new horrorpunk talent for months, i had got used to finding bands that have the image but not the sound to back it up. When i first came across The Ruined i wasent ready for what i heard.
A crazy mix of Hot Water Music-like vocals and metallic punk rock, The Ruined are talented and im still not sure why they arent a big name on the UK rock scene, let alone the horrorpunk scene.
The album starts off with a spoken intro about the birthing of The Ruined then comes first song proper and my personal favourite 'Death Will Be A Lady' the intro of this song has more catchy riffage than most debut albums as a whole. With some impressive lead guitar lines, deep powerful drumming and strong basslines. Then comes maybe the catchyest verse i have ever heard and with the first words: 'There's No Reason To Adjust Your Point Of View' it sets the president for the political undertones throughout the album.
Next we have 'City Of The Dead' carrying on with the slight political edge and awesome sound The Ruined have written a true rock song. 'Do You Dig My Grave?' on the other hand is a straight forward fun, catchy and unforgettable horrorpunk song that is sure to be a live favourite, i mean the bass in the verse's is just incredible!!
Only at track 4 but already im blown away by the shear talent and muscianship of this band.'Generation Braindead' is such a massive song, epic if you will, the intro really helps the atmosphere build and then, it hits you like a brick to the face, the catchy verse riffs that we are now all familiar with and the sing along chanting chorus of 'Generation Braindead' this song is a true anthem.
Now we get to the next two songs which are both firmly fighting for my favourite song, 'Dead By Dawn' and 'She Must Die' are both perfect songs and continue the high-standard of music and talent. The lyrics in both songs are brilliant and easy to relate too!! and of course organs and horrorpunk = instant classic!!!!
Nearing the end of the album and we get another catchy, fun horrorpunk tune, the simply titled 'Brains', another spoken intro sets up the song and then comes the hardcore tinged song intro, this is one of the heavier and faster songs on the album but still keeps their style and sound intact!
And to end the Album we have 'Skeleton Crew', this song is both a tribute to their fans and a call to arms for all the horrorpunks that have ever been looked down on for being different!!!!
come together and get ready to be RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Look out for the hilarious hidden track 'Save The Day' its worth finding!

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Getting Reanimated With Rezurex

Welcome To The Street

Who are we speaking to?
This is Daniel deLeon

Who completes Rezurex?
Right now we have an all star line-up. On Upright Bass we have Jeff Roffredo (Tiger Army), James Meza (Tiger Army) on drums and Troy Russel (Nekromantix) on the lead guitar. Sometimes I'll have other people join in when the others are busy with their other bands.

Is there any story behind the bandname?
Rezurex is like how it sounds; to come back from the dead and ressurect the sounds of early punk and 50's Rock and Roll. I'm a rock'n roll zombie, the living dead of psychobilly, ha ha.

How did the band come together?
We first formed in 2002 our first name of the band was, "Lobo Negro", that means "Black Wolf" for you all who don't know spanish. We changed it before our first c.d. came out. I like the new name better.

How much does horror influence your song writing?
I mostly only watch horror movies, so i can't help it. It gives me inspiration and ideas what to sing and write about. The classics like, Frankenstien, Dracula are my favorites. Some other songs are more about the real horrors of real life. Its just a mix of both.

How was 2006 for Rezurex?
2006 was the best year we ever had! How many band get to tour Europe (twice) and Japan? I feel lucky to have gotten this far. And also, our c.d. was released in March. It was a good year.

What are your plans for 2007?
This year we plan on touring in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Europe again. I hope to find time to start working on the next albulm.

What are your releases to date?
Just the one from last year, "Beyond The Grave" on Fiendforce Records, Germany.

Where can people find out more about Rezurex?
Don't go to our website, ha ha! That is never updated. Just check out our myspace site for upcoming shows and releases.

Thank you for you time, Any last words?
I just want to thank everyone that has supported the band since the begining! We wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for the great fans we have. Thanks also for the interview!!
Daniel deLeon

Thank You

Doctor Von Bracken
Scare Street

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Sleezus Fist And The Latter Day Taints - Urban Zombies

When i first heard of this band i was very intrigued by their name: Sleezus FistAnd The Latter Day Taints, i wanted to know who Sleezus Fist was and who the Latter Day Taints were! Hopefully an upcoming interview will answer those questions!

On with the review....

This is Sleezus Fist's Third offering to the world of horrorpunk and they aint holding anything back. 'Urban Zombies' starts of with military-esque intro track 'Million Undead March' which leads faultlessly into first track proper 'Night Of The Comet', a sing-a-long, thrash-punk anthem about a radioactive comet that crashes to earth.
The next two slabs of noise are 'Writing From The Grave' and 'Psychopath', both these tracks are short, sharp, raw punk rock songs with strong hardcore influences, the power of these songs is noticable from the first note and it never gives way throughout each song. 'Writing From The Grave' also has an awesome thrash solo!
Next we get to 'Die', a hilarious hate song about enemies, apart from being funny this song shows some incredible songwriting talent and even has a rap breakdown. This is horrificly followed by 'I Bury The Living' a horrorpunk anthem if i ever heard one but still retaining that SF&TLDT raw edge.
We're on Track 7 'Alpha Beta Kappa Kill', and aswell as being the best song name ive ever seen, this is my favourite song on the record. Next three songs 'Curse Of Lakstad', 'Undead Army' and 'Victims' are all classic horrorpunk-metal and has the Sleezus boys showing a true skill for short catchy songs!
'Redneck Truckers' Track 11, is a desert story about a psycho that kills Redneck Truckers! this song starts of with a slightly psychobilly riff and is one of the lighter more accessable tracks on the album. Then the hardcore punk is brought roaring back with 'Fallen Down' a blasting rock song about the mind of a psycho.
Nearing the end of the album and nearly out of breathe we get the double assault of 'Lot 606' and 'Dead Girls', another two creative thrash punk classics!
Sadly we reach the last track 'Thank You For The Ride', a slower catchy ending to a raw punk record!!!
Sleezus Fist have released a storming album which is sure to be a cult classic. With huge amounts of talent and awesome songwriting Sleezus Fist And The Latter Day Taints are sure to become your new favourite band!!!!!

Friday, 26 January 2007

The Saturday Matinee At The Hod-Rod Drive-In With NIM VIND

Welcome to the street!!!

I hope you find your visit enjoyable and terribly unforgettable!
haha. That should be my pick-up line. Other than that, I'm on the level.

Firstly, could you please introduce yourself to the readers that have yet to experience the magic that is Mr. Underhill/Nim Vind?
Ok. I'm the abominable Nim Vind....yes somewhat like the famed Abominable Snow Man. You can't snow the Snow Man!!

Who completes the band?
Me, myself and I really. My brother Anthony, known to the world as the loudest fucking drummer EVER Anthony Kilz, is the only other constant member as of late. Our good friend JJ BloodBoy, from out here in Vancouver Canada, has done most of the shows and all of the touring so far for Nim Vind as our hit-with-the-ladies Bass player.

How does, in your opinion the sound of Mr. Underhill differ to the sound of Nim Vind?
Well, as some people know, the first Nim Vind album is really the full length album Mr.Underhill was going to make. The band members took a break of sorts from Mr.Underhill and I decided to continue the idea on my own as a solo act. The only origional member of Mr.Underhill that played on every EP was Nim Vind(me) so I figured that the most sensible move for my future was to call it Nim Vind. That made the best some point you call the leopard a leopard ya know? As for the sound, The Fashion of Fear is a cool record and I'm very proud of it, its a real throw back to a lot of things about music that I love. The new album will be more of what i am trying to build as a musician and will expand more of what i am all about. It still will have the sounds of my influences, like the Misfits, the Doors, David Bowie, The Damned ,The Cars, Ennio Morricone, and etc, but this time I will try to give you more of Nim Vind the person. if that makes any sense at all.

On many peoples first listen to Nim Vind, including mine, the horrorpunk theme isnt very obvious, how much does horror influence your songwriting?
It does in a way, and doesnt at all in another way. That answer will take some explaining so here it goes: I love The Misfits, i would tell anyone, and I still do, that if you havent heard the origional Danzig Misfits, you should check it out because it is one of a kind. As for Horrorpunk, I love the fans and the scene a lot. It's really great and is built on a love a great melody, fun, and spectical. These are 3 very necessary ingredients for a kick ass night of rock and roll. The only 3 ya really need for fuck sakes. That being said, most Horrorpunk is one sound: people trying to sound like the Misfits. Dont get me wrong, if the world is being filled with great Misfits sounding bands, then we are doing great, but I want to be more than just a band that sounds like one thing. I love to much other music to make myself all about one very specific sound. I also love bands like The Cars and the Damned like I mentioned. Those bands are lighter in mood but have a excellent sense of style and melody. David Bowie is one of my all-time favorites. He is able to reinvent himself again and again because his style and personality, plus extreme talent, make everything he does so amazing. I am also a giant fan of movie soundtracks and love love love Ennio Morricone. I especially love his works on the Spaghetti Westerns. He builds a sound and atmosphere completely his own and that, friends, is the true mark of a real writer. That's what I love about the Misfits, nobody sounds like original Misfits. Everyone copies from the best, you can get close, but you can never fully copy the real thing. And I personally think it is way cooler to have influence of something but try to sound like yourself, than to try to sound exactly like someone else. There is no imagination to copying. I have an imagination and I want to use it. I try to inspire people to find ideas of their own within themselves with my music, the same way my favorites did for me. So to answer your question, Horrorpunk is really great and I love it, but I am influenced by way fucking more in that just one thing and I have the intention of presenting myself in a much much broader spectrum.

I have heard your style of singing be described as crooning many times, do you agree with this?
haha. Yes. And I love the "croon"! For me, being a crooner translates to "someone that actually sings a song". Most lead "singers" these days in bands dont actually "sing" anything at all!! I can see how screaming and rapping and talking and grunting or etc can work for bands with styles that support that, but for me i love the bands and acts that have Songs and that sing them. I really love to hear a great singer let loose on a great song that really captures their voice and personality, or vice versa. Danzig and the Misfits, really, are loved so much because the songs and melodies matched with his singing, are first rate great! All the horror aside, those songs are real songs that are based on all the old standards, and he sings like a crooner from the golden days of the 40's and 50's. I love to listen to Billy Holiday, or Elvis(who doesnt?!), or Roy Orbison, Jene Pitney, Buddy Holly, The Penguins, Little Richard, The Big Bopper, Tom Jones(he's fantastic), the list goes on and on. That is the era of the real crooner. I think bands these days really need to listen to some of that and remember that people still love a great melody and they always will. Songs are a huge part of the human experience and a great melody inspires emotion, and emotion is the fabric of art and inspired thinking. Agreed? But however, all music, whether its Death Metal or acapella, has its place in this whirlin' madness were livin'. ya know?

Hailing from Canada, is their much of a horrorpunk scene there?
No. Canada is a mellow country. It's a country that sells natural resources and tourism with regards to its beautiful landscape. People love ice hockey here and are workers for the most part. The USA and Europe seem to be much more into finding the new cool thing and seeking out artistic entrepreneurs than Canada is. People here wait for the next cool band or scene out of the USA and Europe to hit the market, buy into it, and then wait for it to tour here. Canada, way back, was a coloney of England. We arent a nation built on war and pushing the world to lead in new ideas and frontiers, We are workers, thinkers, and peace makers. This attitude is still very much a part of our country and its why I think that scenes like Horrorpunk and all that will be popular to a degree but it will take a movement in the USA or Europe to really make it explode into a mainstream event....i think that time is close too.

You have a massively dedicated following in Europe, what are your weirdest fan and tour experiences? time this chick tried to.....ahhhhh......well I was on stage.....ahhhh....She was lifting up my guitar and.....ahhhh.....

What does 2007 hold for Nim Vind?
New Album. It's gonna be a wild one.

I live in the UK and recently have seen you get some mainstream press attention, do you have many UK fans? and do you have any plans to tour the UK in the near future?
Yes, lots of fans. It's great too, because I am currently on a small label with word of mouth and the internet being the main avenue of exposure, yet we are spreading the word fast. I very much would love to tour there and will soon. Likely for my next album.

Who are you listening to at the moment and who can you recommend to our horrorpunk newcomers?
I recommend Zombina and the Skeletones to new Horrorpunk fans. To the whole of music fans, i recommend The Vincent Black Shadow. I am playing Bass for them and singing back up vocals right now. We just put out an album on a new gambling label(ha ha. How gangster rap is that?!) and we are touring for 5 months straight to promote it. I'll be working on the release set up for my new Nim Vind album in the meantime while I'm on tour with TVBS. It's a cool act with a decent female singer for once. It features the Mr.Underhill brothers backing up a female "crooner". We think pretty much every female fronted act in the mainstream sucks goat ass, so we thought we would help this chick show people what they are missing when they latest major label girlact piece of shit like the Pussycat Dolls.

Thank you for you time!!! Any last words?
"2000 dollars! ...Yea...but you wont be the one that collects it.....couple steps back."


Doctor Von Bracken
Scare Street

PS: Nim Vind FanPage

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Texas Drag Queen Massacre - His And Hearse

Now first off im going to admit i have something of a softspot for this band having seen them live and purchasing this album and the following single from it.

One look at the album's title and artwork and you know your in horror terror-tory, this is firmly cemented with song titles like 'Rave From The Grave', 'Frankenstomp' and'My Queen Of Halloween'.

The Album's 'Coff' Intro, sounds like something from The Exorcist and is equally if not more unsettling, the mood then quickly changes to the evil-sounding horrorpunk that TDQM fans are familiar with, driving guitars, subtle bass and pounding drums provide the perfect backing for frontman, Al. B. Damned's piercing vocals. The Chorus of this opening song is so ghoulishly catchy its been stuck in my head since i first heard it. Next we have the chugging 'Undead On Arrival' which has a strong grunge sound to it and clever trademark horror-themed lyrics.

Then comes a double attack with the songs 'Toe Tag Your It' and 'Frankenstomp', both these songs show the band on great songwriting form and will have you shouting the chorus for months to come. Mid-way through the album and we get to 'Duet To Disembowel You', this song shows TDQM's love of metal and industrial music (a la Rob Zombie?) also the chorus has a very strong grunge undertone.

Next we have one of the more accesable songs on the album 'My Queen Of Halloween', with a spoken intro about an escaped killer and lyrics that include 'You Are My Ghoul From A Horror Movie' and 'Trick or Treat Spiderbaby' this song is a call to arms for all horrorgirls. Track number 8 'Ugly' is a punk rock FUCK YOU to the mainstream bastards that plague society, this song also has maybe one of the best lines in horrorpunk: 'Im Ugly And I Dont Give A Fuck, When They Gave Out Looks I Was Out To Lunch!'.

Title track 'His And Hearse' is a Horror-rock 'n Roll song straight from the 8th circle of hell complete with backing screams and a simple but rocking solo. Now the pace slows down with 'Possessed', an ode to the evil inside each and every one of us, this song also shows some awesome song writing skills from these boys.

'Kill Yourself' brings the horror straight back although your parents may not approve (haha!) of you singing 'Die! Die! Suicide!' at the top of your bloodied lungs. Then we get to fan and live favourite (and single) 'Dead Girls' this a comedic tribute to those girls that spend all their lives looking in the mirror and as a result end up dead inside. And to end the album 'Home Sweet Home 1313' which tells the tale of a day at the munsters residence on halloween!!! All in all this is one horrific album and is one of the best modern horrorpunk records around.

Oh also i heard a certain Mr. 13 is a big fan of these guys!